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Loren Ball - Founder - PMP

loren on the bad.JPG

Loren is a Solutions Delivery Executive and Project Manager, full SDLC around designing legacy system data conversion strategies to enhance organizational utilization of emerging technologies for transformation of businesses.

He is a MuleSoft evangelist focusing on legacy system Data Abstraction, Machine Learning and Real-Time Analytics, leading to business process re-engineering helping organizations realize the value of the data hidden inside their business processes exposing value of untapped data repositories through canonical data models and relational databases transformation.

  • Legacy System Expert

  • Senior Project Manager

  • MuleSoft Corporate Member – Customer Advisory Board

  • MuleSoft Evangelist, Lead Presenter at MuleSoft Conferences and Summits

  • MuleSoft Select Partner

  • MuleSoft Champion

Maksym Dovgopolyi (MBA, PMP) - Senior Delivery and Project Manager


Maksym is Senior Delivery Manager and Project manager with over 10 years’ experience of development and delivery of IT solutions for different industries including Banking, Telecom, Health care and Insurance. He has strong foundations (MBA graduate, PMP certified) and diverse experiences that allow him to be highly effective on all stages of the project:

  • Understanding the challenge;

  • Understanding the business context;

  • Planning;

  • Development;

  • Delivery and support.

The mix of unique experience of implementation of complicated integration systems and a passion for MuleSoft makes Maksym’s skills and experience beneficial for business.

Andrey Shevchenko - Senior Project Manager Global Delivery - PMP


Andrey is a Professional Project Manager with 10+ years in IT Project Management, IT audit/business advisory (Big4), IT Operations and SDLC process management developing Enterprise solutions.

Extensive experience working with collocated and distributed development teams, 50+ FTEs under direct coordination, 500+ of indirect stakeholders, 3 Million USD project budgets. Managing and coordination of remote teams in US and Kiev in accordance with Agile (Scrum, Kanban, Lean etc.) development framework.

Raghav Medapati - Full Stack Lead Developer / MuleSoft 


Technical Skills

  • Java Full Stack Development

  • Senior MuleSoft Developer and Architect

  • Senior Java Developer / Java DevOps Engineer

  • Web Application Development (Spring MVC, Spring Boot, JSF, JSP/Servlets)

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

  • Web Services (Resful, SOAP)

  • Frontend Application Development (Angular, React, jQuery)

  • User Responsive Web Design (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap)

  • Application Integration (Apache Camel, Mulesoft)

  • Scripting (Shell, Perl)

  • Linux System Administration

  • Software Development Methodologies (Waterfall, Agile/Scrum, DevOps)

  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

  • Version Controls (GIT, SVN)

Ed Bayudan - Senior Project Manager and Applications Lead, PMP

ed b.jpg

Ed is a Senior Project Manager and Applications Lead with a proven history of success in delivering software projects, from legacy application modernization to mobile applications in a variety of environments (mainframe, distributed and mobile) and industries (telecommunications, insurance, investments, government and education), using waterfall and agile methodologies.

Ed is a hands-on leader with extensive experience in many programming languages (Java, Objective C, COBOL Javascript), database architectures (DB2, Sybase, Oracle, mySQL, MongoDB, IMS) and deployment models (mainframe, client/server, distributed, cloud)

Ed A.

Ed is our most senior MuleSoft Resource,with over 19 years of professional IT experience with 16+ years in integration consulting using industry leading platforms MuleSoft and webMethod. Experience in Cloud, Data, EAI, B2B and SaaS Integration.

  • Several successful implementations of MuleSoft at several customers including Coca-Cola and Brocade communication; Played roles as architect, developer and administrator.

  • Experience in cloud integration hub, AWS, B2B, MFT and SOA as architect/developer/trainer;

  • MuleSoft Certified Developer

  • Expert skills in building integrations with EDI, SAP, SAP HANA, SalesForce, Oracle Applications, Github, JDBC, JMS, XML, SOAP/WS, flat files processing and custom development.

Senior MuleSoft Architect



Data Lakes Transformation  Architect


Currently leading several projects encompassing cloud migration, data lakes, API’s and micro services to drive business success while enabling digital transformation and a new IT model. Strategic and strong hands-on experience on several middleware platforms, AWS Infrastructure and Services, and Data Lakes technology. Excellent communication skills honed through frequent interactions and presentations to high-level executives and global teams.

Data Scientist and Architect


Has over 20 years of experience in various architectures, from near real-time material handling systems, private and public sector mainframes, SOA, and n-tier micro service systems. Charles’ data science work includes validating genomic profiles used in cancer research, seismic topography of mining sites, and modernization of various public sector systems. From this experience, plus a passion for MuleSoft’s vast potential,  dataacs was born.

Vamshi A.

Over 8 years of IT experience with proficiency in integration and design of Enterprise and Web-based applications using microservices and scalable infrastructure. Developed the integration workflows using an ESB framework. Experience with MuleSoft MMC and enterprise releases.

  • Extensively worked on both Enterprise and Community Edition of MULE ESB

  • Extensive experience with web-services including web services including SOAP &REST using WSDL, SOAP, Java WebServices (JAXB), Axis2, CXF and JERSEY

  • Experience in writing complex SQL Queries, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Cursors, and Functions, Strong database skills with Oracle, MySQL with ERWIN, Toad tool for database modeling

  • Good Experienced knowledge of Rally (JIRA, Bitbucket)

Senior MuleSoft  Developer

Senior MuleSoft Developer


An IT professional focused on Cloud Integration and SAP.

  • 6+ years in integration consulting using industry leading platforms – MuleSoft

  • Successful implementation of MuleSoft at Coca-Cola as an architect, developer and administrator in different projects

  • Experience in cloud integration hub, API Gateway and AWS as architect/developer/trainer;

  • Expert skills in building integrations with Salesforce and SAP, Github, JDBC, JMS, XML, SOAP/WS, flat files processing and custom development.

Professional Writer Training and Technical Materials

Melanie Johnson

Nineteen years of experience in technical communications. Adobe FrameMaker expert. Software, medical, and manufacturing background. Strong writing, editing, and grammatical skills. Experience developing and implementing modular documentation systems for several clients. Proficient in document design, template creation, user manuals, training manuals, and search engine optimization/keyword web writing.

Additional Resources Specialties 

  • Professional: Senior Project Managers, Senior Testers,

  • Java: Senior Java Developers, Java Developers

  • MuleSoft Experts: MuleSoft Solutions Managers, Architects, Senior Developers and Developers

  • Data Scientists: Data Abstraction, Data Lakes and Operational Data Stores,

  • TIBCO: Architects, Senior Developers,

  • DevOps: Senior Developers, Developers

  • Machine Learning: Senior Developers

  • Augmented Reality: Senior Developers

  • Professional Documentation: Senior Writers

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