As organizations embark on the journey of modernizing their architecture, the challenge of interfacing with multiple endpoints and legacy data looms large. This is where the DataACS Transformation Engine shines, offering a unique solution that simplifies data conversion between hosts, legacy, database, client/server, desktop applications, flat files, and API-based interfaces.


DataACS has revolutionized the conversion process with its tools that create complex transformations using a simple but powerful, rules-based engine. This automation not only makes building conversion interfaces significantly faster and more efficient, but also reduces costs compared to traditional approaches. Most importantly, data flows seamlessly between the source, host, databases, and third party, minimizing disruption to daily business processes.


By eliminating the traditional approach of building unique transformations for each legacy interface, the DataACS Transformation Engines and its set of rules-based components solve one of the biggest challenges of implementing new modern and innovative solutions: the lack of a repeatable, changeable, and efficient solution that can run at scale.

DataACS rules-based engine transforms the data, schedules events, and interacts with files, Cloud Storage, Databases, and APIs through both simple and complex data manipulation, seamlessly interfacing with your endpoints. In addition, the DataACS Transformation Engine has a library of standard rules and provides for customer-specific logic, enabling quick turnaround of complex transformations.


For error tracking, resolution, and reprocessing, the Engine also produces comprehensive error reports for rapid problem identification through email notifications and an error dashboard that provides clear run statistics, error identification, drill-down capabilities, and error reprocessing.

Finally, our new UI allows for the creation of transformation rulesets, flows, interfaces, and interactive testing in one easy-to-use interface.

 Let our expert staff of technologists, DBAs, BAs, QA resources, and project managers drive the conversion process between your legacy, API, database, and third-party applications quickly, easily, and for less cost.

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